• July 11, 2018

    Win the Fight Against Mosquitoes This Summer

    Summertime in Texas…. School’s out, sun’s out, and grilling season is in full swing. We love everything about summer… except for those pesky mosquitoes. DFW has reported their first case of West Nile for the season, but rather than miss out on bringing the party outdoors, we’re here to help you win the fight against mosquitoes this season with a variety of deterrent solutions to keep your backyard free and clear.

    Your first line of defense

    When dealing with mosquitoes, it’s important to start at the source- eliminate any hidden breeding areas in your yard. One often overlooked area that can lead to major issues is your rain gutters. Keeping your gutters clean of debris prevents stagnant water from collecting. Be on the lookout for other hidden stagnant water sources… check outdoor toys, plant saucers, decor, etc. to ensure they are free of standing water. Mosquitoes don’t travel far, so if you’re feeling bombarded chances are they’re making a home in or near your yard.

    Mosquito systems

    Installing a mosquito system offers a maintenance-free solution to eliminate the flying enemy. Insecticide solution can be dispersed throughout your landscapes through your existing sprinkler systems, or through an independent misting system. There are many companies throughout the DFW metroplex who install and manage mosquito systems, with some offering environmentally-friendly solutions in lieu of insecticides.

    Garden solutions for mosquitoes

    Many plant varietals may act as deterrents in your garden, but horticulturists suggest it’s the essential oils of these plants that are most effective, not the plant itself. Still, growing a “mosquito garden” will give you full access to your very own DIY bug repellent with beautiful, fragrant plants.
    Grow them, and next time you’re headed outdoors, clip a few leaves, rub the leaves to release the oils, and apply away! For a larger scale solution, throwing some fresh clippings on the grill will release oil and aroma into the air… perfect for those backyard get-togethers!

    Here’s a list of our favorite mosquito-repelling plants:


    The best part about a mosquito garden is you’ll have plenty leftover for home grown cooking. Happy summer, folks!

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