Why You Shouldn’t Manage My Own Construction Process

Outdoor improvements add so much enjoyment to your property, but we know they are a big undertaking and investment! AquaTerra has dedicated our services to mitigating the homeowner workload during the construction process. Using our time and talents to manage your design all the way from the first vision you had to the first dinner party once construction is complete. There is a myth and temptation in the construction industry that using different contractors throughout your design and construction is a time and money saver. We believe that investing in our full house services is an investment that stands the test of time and returns itself tenfold.

All in One

Working with multiple companies to design or install different amenities of your property can lead to a disjointed design aesthetic and worse, gaps or mistakes in the foundation and function of different elements in the space (think plumbing, electrical, irrigation, drainage etc). Our engagement with clients always begins with a holistic approach to design and planning. We take your vision and create a master plan, thoroughly thinking through details that make profound impact in the most subtle ways. Managing all aspects of the outdoor environment allow us to hand select the right type of contractors and subcontractors in which to engage.

Building The Budget

Once the design is generated, AquaTerra quickly generates a construction budget for installation. This budget can be quickly modified as the design is revised and finalized. Imagine coordinating pricing from every sub-contractor and trade any time there is a revision to the design. A client may have to contact several contractors for one small change in order to get pricing revisions. Let AquaTerra do that for you! At AquaTerra, we think through the entire construction process and consider all timing and possible phasing of infrastructure and amenities from start to finish.

We’ve Got The Connections

As we move into the planning phase, AquaTerra selects from a trusted vault of contractors specifically suited for your design. Our contractors have gone through our quality assurance process and understand our expectations of workmanship and attention to detail. We’ve built trust with a select group of craftsman to get better pricing, faster turnaround times and better outcomes for our clients. When we come to them with a new idea or challenge, they are excited to help us work through the details to create the designed vision. We work to create a master construction plan where each phase and detail is clearly laid out and communicated to each sub contractor.

One Point of Contact

And finally, as the project moves to construction the client has one point of contact for every aspect of project. AquaTerra manages the day to day schedule of work to ensure the process runs smoothly. There are a lot of moving parts during installation, and it is important that different contractors are not working in the same area or in each other’s way.

Here at AquaTerra, we strive to be a single source solution for our clients outdoor needs. If you are ready to begin the journey for your project, please contact us and let us go to work for you!