We’re Ready For The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge

As the AquaTerra design waits for the results of the 2023 Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight their 3rd place win from 2022! Before we share our 2022 design, let’s discuss the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge. The creators of this challenge, Mike Farly and Reid Schindler, both well-known designers in the industry, established this competition to provide pool and landscape designers, builders, and outdoor architects with a real-world scenario. Participants are tasked with delivering innovative designs without budget constraints. Each year a fictional couple seeks a designer to create the outdoor space of their dreams. After submissions are in and the 5 finalists are selected they present their designs live at the International Pool and Spa Expo in Mike and Reid’s class. Voting happens during the live session and a winner is selected. The winner receives a $5,000 cash prize and is featured in a leading industry magazine!

In 2022, two of our designers submitted a design that earned them 3rd place! They were given plans for a house and lot based in Chicago. They listened to the fictitious clients’ needs and wants to come up with the best design with an unlimited budget. Their design cohesively combines multiple features perfect for year-round fun within this backyard. For example, both rooftops encompass two different experiences – the small one focuses on self-care, health, and relaxation, while the larger one focuses on entertaining and enjoying the views. There is also a major emphasis given to providing the clients with a visual, audible, and sensory experience of water throughout the spaces, at any time of the day during all seasons. We’ll let the video and photos do the talking.