Turf Talk – Keeping Your Grass and Trees Healthy

We are often asked how to keep insects away, kill weeds and keep your grass overall disease free. We always recommend removing the thatch by lowering mow heights. Aerate twice a year; this practice will remove thatch from soil, reduce compaction and allow grass to expand and grow. Top dress half an inch to two inches with a well-aged, non-stinky organic compost. This fertilizes the soil, increases water retention and helps grass fill in faster.

Bonus: Stay away from using colored mulches in your flower beds. The chemicals from coloring leak into the soil and reduce microbial activity that’s beneficial to our soils.

Trimming the Trees:

  • Oak trees are currently in their wilting season, so avoid pruning from February 1 to July 1. https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/OakWiltFAQS/
  • Avoid mulching on top of the root collard
  • If you haven’t fertilized tree for two seasons we recommend deep root fertilization and compost around your tree.
  • When pruning trees, remember to open canopy for lighting filtration for lower plantings and air movement to avoid disease. And, of course, remove dead and crossing branches.

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