• November 27, 2018

    Tips for Winterizing your North Texas Landscapes

    We’ve felt our first hints of winter and we’re likely in for a cold season. When preserving your landscapes, there’s a hefty list of chores for homeowners in preparation for cold weather. We’ve sat down with our TerraCare team to identify the most helpful tips for a well prepared winter so you can get the most out of the upcoming spring growth.

    • Sensor check- Make sure your rain/freeze sensors are working correctly and update controller if is outdated. There are many smart controllers now days that can help save water.
    • Gutter cleanup- You’ll want to clean your gutters once your leaves have dropped to protect your roof, walls, foundation, and landscape from leaks and damage.
    • Pre-freeze water cycle- Just before a hard freeze, run a watering cycle – this practice helps shield your roots from freezing temperatures, as the top half inch or so freezes and insulates the rest of the soil beneath.
    • Arbor care- this is the time to prune trees to prevent winter/storm damage.
    • Plan for the seasons ahead with dormant oil – As trees and shrubs go dormant, an application of dormant oil helps kill any insect eggs that could potentially be a pest for next year.
    • Mulch, mulch, mulch- After the leaves have fallen from the trees, this is a great time to install new mulch. Mulching will protect root systems from freezing and add organic matter to the soil. We recommend native mulch and avoiding colored mulches. The colorant from mulches can bleed into the soil and harm beneficial organisms that help feed your plants.
    • Take note, learn, and plan ahead- While your mind is still fresh, take note of what you liked about your landscapes outdoor environments from spring and summer. Think of areas to enhance next year… you may want redo sections of the garden, elevate your space with new furniture, change or add specific features for entertaining friends and family… Whether its landscaping and maintenance, designing your next outdoor project, or outdoor styling- we’ve got the best team team for the job.

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