Our Favorite Summer Outdoor Living Spaces

As the temperature starts to rise and the sun begins to shine a little brighter, our team at AquaTerra Outdoors is excited to showcase some of our favorite summer outdoor living spaces. From pools to patios, our designers have created stunning outdoor spaces that perfectly capture the essence of summer. Continue to read what our designers, Kylee, Sameepa, and Taylor love about these specific projects.

Unleashing the Ultimate Summer Get-Together in Modern Style

“When I think of summer, I think of entertaining.  This project has every puzzle piece required to throw the ultimate get-together with friends and family!”

Backyard pool and covered patio in Dallas, Texas Covered patio with 3 different seating areas

“Adults can belly up to the bar while the kids swim and run around in this spacious backyard. This design was thought out perfectly so that every space feels intimate but not disconnected from one another. Rain or shine, day or night, hot or cold this modern structure is a great place to kick back with its full bar and kitchen, dining space, and lounge area with a fireplace. The strategically placed lighting throughout the structure and landscape ensures the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down!” – Kylee Polaski, Senior Designer

Water Wonderland: An Entertaining Paradise for All Ages

“This project is an entertaining paradise for summer here in North Texas which can cater to every age group. Water – one of the five elements – defines this project and exudes summer in its entirety. One can always engage with water when they engage in activities in different ‘rooms’, may it be indoor or outdoor. 8’ tall water feature wall, the rain curtain, water slide, and diving deck are the few components that represent the water element.”

“One can have fun conversations by the fireplace and have a peaceful time reading a book by the rain curtain. In both activities, the user experiences sensory engagement with water. This project also has an outdoor kitchen to satiate kids’ hunger often followed by the thrill of going down the slide and diving off from the diving deck. During the peak summer season or to make the outdoor ‘rooms’ into a more intimate space for entertaining, the automated shades can be lowered down to create some privacy. This project is unique in its build since it is an average-sized Dallas backyard, where we were able to build a 7’-8’ deep pool, along with a waterslide and the pool connected with the actual structure of the house. Summer means soaking in nature and spending time outdoors and water being the cooling factor in summers, this project captures one of the many essences of summer.” – Sameepa Modi, Senior Designer

A Year-Round Summertime Oasis for Endless Outdoor Enjoyment

“When I think about summer, there is one project that comes to mind, and that is our Fair Oaks project. When we talk about summer, everyone’s mind runs straight to a pool, a beach, or some form of outdoor water oasis. The Fair Oaks project has all of this and more!”

Fair Oaks project in Plano, Texas Drone shot of Fair Oaks with sports court, pool and more

“The minute you walk outside it feels like you’re at a resort, whether you are looking at the deep blue pool or hearing the sound of the water feature. This backyard has it all, from the infinity edge pool to the casita, firepit, sports court, and even the putting green. There is not a feature we missed that doesn’t cater to both adults and teens. However, the real showstopper is at nighttime when you can see the way we incorporated LED lighting on the steps, the water feature wall, and around the fire pit. In my opinion, we did not just create an amazing backyard for these clients, but instead, we created a year-round summertime oasis. Our clients will be able to utilize this outdoor space with both family and friends for years to come.” – Taylor Fletes, Lead Designer & Project Manager

At AquaTerra Outdoors, we believe that outdoor living spaces should be designed to perfectly capture the essence of the season. Whether you’re looking to create a poolside oasis, a coastal retreat, or a modern garden, our experienced designers are here to help you create the perfect summer outdoor living space. Contact us today to get started!