Freeze Preparations

It’s getting cold out there, Texans….BrrR! 

Please read below for Winter Pool Protection, along with Plant & Irrigation Tips and helpful links!!
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Winter Pool Protection in Texas
Helpful tips:  If you choose the option of continuously running your pool pump and filter:
  • Prior to freezing weather and low temperatures, clean or backwash your pool filter. This ensures proper water flow during the cold.
  • Run your pool pump and filter continuously. Moving water freezes more slowly.
  • If you have a variable speed pump, run it at higher speeds throughout the freeze period to ensure proper water flow.
  • Listen to your pump motor. If it makes a loud noise during operation, there may be trouble with bearings.
  • Insulate plumbing lines with blankets or towels to prevent freezing. Even pool noodles can serve as good insulation around pipes.

You may also contact Superior Pools of Dallas with any additional questions and assistance you may need.

We are a Design + Build Firm. We do not offer maintenance on pools so please reach out to your preferred Pool Maintenance Professionals for more information regarding freeze conditions.

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Winter Plant Protection in Texas previous article is a great source as we prepare for cold weather in Texas. You will learn how to protect your plants from harsh temperatures with mulch and insulated frost blankets. The article also mentions how to winterize your lawn; a lawn food that can help maintain its growth. 


Irrigation Protection in Texas
The previous article is a great source as we prepare for cold weather in Texas. You will learn how to protect your irrigation from harsh temperatures, The article also mentions how to prevent damage and adjusting water flow. You may also contact Efficient Irrigations Systems with any additional questions and assistance you may need. 

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Another one of our realtor friends has shared this in the past:

Because of the periodic severe cold/freezing weather in the North Central Texas Area, water pipes in our homes may freeze and burst if immediate action is not taken, prior to the drop in temperature. Please take the following precautions as soon as you read this notice (and ensure these steps are followed even if you should be leaving town). Per your lease, we ask for your help to protect your home.

1. Please drip all the faucets in your homeDrip both the HOT and COLD water. Please leave the faucets dripping until we remove the FREEZE ALERT per the National Weather Service for our areas.
2. Turn on the heat and always leave it at the 65° minimum mark at least, even if not your home or out of town.
3. Leave cabinet doors in bathrooms and kitchens open to allow pipes underneath the sinks to receive warm air. This is particularly important when the sink is on the inside of an outside wall.  Do not close room doors, or close these rooms off, since they often do not have a separate ac/heat vent in there.
4. Double check all outside faucets to make sure they are covered and protected from the weather or freezing. Also, outside faucets should have hoses disconnected from them and should have an insulated covering over the faucet to shield from the subzero conditions for as long as they persist.
5. Ask someone you trust to inspect your home periodically for frozen or broken water pipes if you cannot yourself. This is a good precaution, regardless of the outside temperature.
These precautions are essential to avoid substantial damage to your home and/or a neighbor from broken pipes. If you have negligently failed to take these precautions, you may be liable for damages to your own unit as well as your neighbor’s unit. As a result, it is most important that you have current and up to date renter’s insurance to cover this damage.

Per your lease, it is required that you maintain renter’s insurance and cover the owner as an additionally insured.  We strongly recommend that you make sure that your renter’s insurance is up to date to cover liability and unexpected damage from water, fire, windstorm, etc. to your personal belongings. The Owner and management company assume no liability for personal loss.

Please, also, be vigilant while walking around your property, if you see water leaking out from under doors or under or down walls, please call your property manager and report it so that we can solve the issue as soon as possible to reduce damage and loss. We pray you all are warm, safe, and HEALTHY.  From all your friends at AquaTerra Outdoors!

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