A Clear Vision

Since its inception, Aquaterra has maintained a singular focus on offering uncompromising outdoor environments to discerning clients. Each and every Aquaterra environment is the result of our collaboration with passionate clients whose desire for excellence extends from their homes into their outdoor play and living spaces.

Our clients set a high bar for originality, style and quality – a challenge we embrace and strive to surpass. We believe that success is a product of strong relationships, both with our clients, and in our designs. We look forward to building those relationships with you.


We are a team of talented designers, installers and leaders that all share a personal passion for outdoor living.

We believe that crafting outdoor spaces comes naturally from amazing people with a great respect for outdoor living. Every project is unique and a personal engagement between our team and our client. We have a clear and simple process that focuses on delivering an amazing experience before, during and after your project completes.

Tal Thevenot


As founder and design leader of Aquaterra, Tal Thevenot relies heavily on his mid-western upbringing and love of the outdoors that has guided his life. Growing up on the farms of Iowa with a fascination for modern design led Tal to his degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State and the inevitable creation of his own design-focused company. Today, Tal focuses on the joy he finds in both his work and family – both of which find him outdoors as often as possible.

Casey Thevenot profile picture

Casey Thevenot


Casey, a native Texan and wife of founder Tal, acts as the community connector for AquaTerra. Her active involvement with many civic and church organizations offers insight into the active and oftentimes outdoor lives that energize Frisco and the surrounding communities.

Kimberly King profile picture

Kimberly King


Kimberly relocated to Texas from the Hamptons where for over a decade she helped manage some of the most distinguished landscaping firms in New York. Since joining Aquaterra Kimberly King has ensured the highest level of operations this side of Central Park.

Dan Mobley


Dan has loved landscapes since he started working on them at 12 years old. Dan received a degree in landscape contracting from Mississippi State University, and for him, it’s a privilege to work in nature and have the ability to produce spaces for others to better enjoy the outdoors. After being in the business for 20 years, he continues to create outstanding and unique environments for his clients. Dan’s dependability and organization enables him to produce innovative designs and have time to focus on his family.

Tom Grote


Tom’s very first job was at a golf course, and that is where he became inspired by the beauty of the landscape to pursue a career of landscape architecture. Filled with creativity and attention to detail, Tom focuses on making sure that every aspect of his projects are just as cohesive as a golf course. Over the last 17 years, Tom has cultivated his design style into something spectacular.

Travis Cisneros


Travis grew up with a passion for architecture, technical drawing, 3D visualization and presentation graphics. Travis has a computer art degree and over the past 14 years he has led production teams for several design and architectural firms. Travis Cisneros has worked on residences, civic buildings, colleges and large-scale developments and brings his extensive leadership experience to AquaTerra, making all our ideas come to life.

Kylee Polaski


Growing up in Indiana, Kylee got an early taste for landscape design through her family’s ever-evolving yard of flowers, which taught her the joy (and hard-work) of creating a unique outdoors for family enjoyment. Kylee ran with her love of the outdoors to receive a degree in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University before following her dreams of moving to Texas. Her memories of her own backyard beauty and fun are never far away as she shares her passion for the outdoors with our clients.

Sameepa Modi


With her inter-disciplinary background in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and through the love of nature Sameepa loves exploring the inter-connectivity and harmony between enclosed spaces, outdoor spaces and its users. Her attention to detail, leads her in creating a unique outdoor experience for all the clients. She can often be found outdoors walking and exploring with her family. She also loves to travel and try her hands at various arts and crafts.

Karishma Karki


She has always been fascinated with an architectural design that inspired her to get a degree in Architecture. But having a keen interest in landscape and garden design from an incredibly young age led her to further pursue her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. After graduation from Florida International University, She had a wonderful opportunity to work through different landscape projects and have a keen eye for detail. She is dependable with a flair for building lasting client relationships. Besides work, She loves spending time with my toddler and taking him for strolls outdoors.

Carla Morales


Carla hails from the beautiful land of Puerto Rico where her distinguished education led her to a passion for numbers and her role as a Controller. Her skills in balancing the books make it possible for our team to focus on exceptional designs.

Emily Thompson


All the way from Quincy, Illinois, Emily is a multi-talented goal crusher. With 20+ years of experience, Emily’s zest for keeping the team organized and creating inventive ways to keep them engaged, she certainly knows how to keep our office running with excellence and ease. Outside of work, she enjoys her passion in photography, traveling and going on adventures with her trusted Labrador retriever in tow.

Austen Robledo


Austen has had the chance to further his passions at AquaTerra Outdoors by being apart of creating unique and heightened outdoor environments. Growing up in Texas, his love for the outdoors started at a very early age. He often remembers catching poison ivy because he just could not stop exploring the great outdoors. As Tal’s project manager, he ensures all operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Outside of the office, you can find Austen swimming, hiking, and spending time with family.

Victoria King


Victoria is new to the AquaTerra team as she works towards completing her Communications degree from Texas A&M University. Being from the DFW area, she is very happy to be back and close to home. As the Brand Ambassador, she is responsible for enhancing our market and the representation of our brand through social media platforms, local advertisements, and sharing our name with this wonderful community.

Daniel Guardiola


Born and raised in Texas, always had an interest in the construction world as my father had been working in the construction business since I was born, I love the outdoor environments, designs of modern simplicity landscape and homes. My passion has always been working in the office to keep operations organize. I’m well known for being detailed oriented, team player, self-motivated , and always looking into innovated ways to become better. Outside of work, I enjoy videography, traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with family.

David Sutton


North Texas-native, David has a landscape architecture degree from Texas Tech. Prior to joining AquaTerra, David built houses, spent time in commercial construction and landscape construction. In his free time, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Leland Rooney


Growing up on a sod farm in Michigan, Leland has always been surrounded by landscaping and the great outdoors. By the time he went to college he still had a drive to pursue what he knew as a career and got his bachelor’s degree in natural resources and environments, and even went on to secure a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Michigan. When it comes down to it, he is not going to ask someone else to do something that he isn’t prepared to take on himself, and that is what makes him one of the best superintendents around.

Jason Buchanan


Jason, a native Texan who grew up in Lubbock, up until last year decided to try a new life in the big city of Dallas-Ft. Worth. To our benefit, Jason is a “jack of all trades” kind of person! He loves everything Aquatic from swimming pools to fish tanks! His passion and attention to detail is a great asset to any project he is a Superintendent on. In his down time, he spends his time selling Coral and is a proud father of a teenage boy that keeps him on his toes.

Baltasar Bernal


Aron Lockhart

Construction Assistant

The newest member to our Team, Aron is that great addition every company hopes for. He is self motivated and a go-getter. He assist the superintendents daily and provides vital support to maintain a seamless project. He moved with his family from Lubbock, Tx to Dallas-Fort Worth area in mid-July. Jason & Aron worked together prior to moving to the metroplex.

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