Eco-Friendly Water Feature in North Texas

Eco-friendly design trends in the south

Sustainable design trends are working their way down South. At AquaTerra, we are all about responsible design, so we can’t help but get excited when we have a client who wants to implement a sustainable solution.  Below is a short clip showcasing a chic steel water feature that we created in North Texas, which uses pond plants to naturally and beautifully purify the water.

Pond plants naturally remove decaying debris, minerals from stone, etc and leave the water clean and clear. Floating plants, such as the waterlilies we used, provide a lush and serene aesthetic, while also cleaning the water as effectively as many man-made filters.

As you will see in the following clip, water overflows into a biologically sustainable filtration system for a modern, farmhouse look. Green, clean and modern – who could ask for more!