AquaTerra Outdoors Careers FAQ

Welcome to AquaTerra Outdoors, where our vibrant cultural identity shapes a workplace like no other. With a clear mission statement and core values, we cultivate an environment where every team member feels connected to our vision and purpose. Join us as we dive into what makes working at AquaTerra Outdoors a truly exceptional experience.

How would you describe AquaTerra Outdoors’ culture and values?

AquaTerra’s commitment to a strong cultural identity allows employees to feel aligned with the company’s vision and values. Our well-defined, clearly articulated mission statement, core focus, and core values are communicated and reinforced consistently throughout the organization. Our employees understand the company’s purpose and how their work contributes to our collective success. Because of this, employees can expect to be trusted to handle their duties and are motivated to participate in continued learning initiatives for professional development. Maintaining a work-life balance is encouraged since we believe in a family-first mindset. Contributions and achievements are recognized and celebrated in both big and small ways. This means employees of AquaTerra feel valued, supported, and proud to work alongside a team that is knowledgeable, approachable, and enthusiastic about what we do.

How does AquaTerra Outdoors support professional development and continued learning?

AquaTerra prioritizes and encourages professional development and continued learning to empower our team members. Each year, employees set continued education goals and discuss them with their managers, which may include online courses or attending conferences. Additionally, each quarter, employees establish goals that contribute to AquaTerra’s overall success, beyond their daily tasks. This comprehensive approach ensures our team stays motivated, skilled, and aligned with our company’s vision.

How does AquaTerra Outdoors measure success? 

AquaTerra’s leadership team has developed a one-year plan, a three-year forecast, and a ten-year target and we hold quarterly company-wide checkups on our progress. This enables us to keep a finger on the pulse of where we are currently and visualize where we’d like to go. We have several metrics and measurables that we track aside from the obvious ones relating to financial performance. Among the most important of these are client satisfaction and employee engagement and satisfaction. The development of our brand and reputation for quality service and creative innovation has raised our status as a market leader among design + build firms.

What are the offered benefits and perks for full-time employees?

Full-time employees are offered a competitive salary based on experience, a generous PTO policy, medical coverage with options for vision and dental insurance, and a retirement savings account with employer contributions. Additionally, there are opportunities for professional development and continued learning, and participation is encouraged in our company-sponsored events and activities.

What is the performance review process like at AquaTerra?

Each November, AquaTerra conducts a comprehensive annual review for all employees. This process entails a thorough evaluation of completed goals from the past year and an assessment of job performance and alignment with core values. It also provides an opportunity to set new goals and discuss compensation for the upcoming year. Around the midpoint of each year, both employees and their managers engage in reflective assessments of themselves and each other. This mid-year check-in ensures that the working relationship remains beneficial and productive for both parties while simultaneously encouraging open dialogue. The idea is to address any potential issues proactively and avoid breakdowns in communication. Managers also hold informal quarterly conversations with their team members. These discussions are structured to review progress on quarterly goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, and identify any support needed to sustain and enhance the manager-employee relationship. Maintaining open channels of communication, providing valuable feedback, and offering opportunities for self-reflection and goal-setting play a crucial role in AquaTerra’s company culture and ensure alignment at all levels of the organization.

What would you describe AquaTerra Outdoors’ management style of leadership? 

At AquaTerra Outdoors, our leadership style is characterized by approachability, support, and trust. Department leads foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and heard. Each AquaTerra employee is given responsibilities that align with their expertise and are then trusted to handle them without being micro-managed. Our supportive atmosphere makes every day enjoyable and ensures that all employees feel trusted and respected in their roles.


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