Benefits of Selecting a Design + Build Firm

Why should you select a Design + Build firm?

With nearly 20 years of experience in Design + Build, AquaTerra passionately believes that a team that covers all the bases is the best and most effective choice for any project. Here are our top 6 reasons why selecting a one-stop shop is a great way to go.

TEAMWORK: When all aspects of a project are managed by AquaTerra, everyone has the same goal.  Our entire team is fully informed on what success looks like in terms of meeting and exceeding client expectations.  The reality of a large-scale project is that a hiccup or two is likely to occur. However, when everyone is on the same page, solutions occur in real time and results happen faster.

ACCOUNTABILITY: AquaTerra is accountable for EVERYTHING from soup to nuts.  When the same team designs and builds the project, there is no question of who is accountable for design, details, schedule, quality, and process.  Furthermore, the customer has a single point of contact, which is critical if delivering excellence is a priority.  And it’s always our priority.

DEDICATION:  Your outcomes are our best endorsements!  We take a great deal of pride in what we do and are devoted to enduring quality. We believe in Design + Build + Maintenance and we are dedicated to the longevity and beauty of every project.  The management & maintenance aspect of our delivery system allows us to catch the smallest of mistakes and we are also able to ensure excellence by keeping any fine details from falling through the cracks.

EXPERTISE: Having a team of first-rate experts in their field is our greatest asset.  They are the heart and soul of the company and champions of excellence.  At AquaTerra, we can offer our clients best-in-class experts in design, build, and management, which is a fairly unique offering and a central factor for timeless outdoor spaces.

COLLABORATION: By working with a one-stop shop, the design-build process is far more efficient and dramatically accelerates the process. For example, our clients avoid having the typical repetitive meetings that are required by the architect, general contractor, and design consultants.  Collaboration results in less time wasted and lower fees for our clients.  Additionally and importantly, a design-build client retains more creative control of their project.

SAVINGS: Based on our experience and analysis, we believe a unified design-build process can save you more than 10% in overall expenses.  The reason is, that a firm like AquaTerra passes along our efficiencies of scale and teamwork to our customers.  By sharing operating costs among the 3 branches of the firm, we can lower costs, mitigate general conditions, and lower design fees and construction costs.

Given the benefits of working with a Design + Build firm, why would anyone approach an important project in a piecemeal approach?