• December 14, 2012

    APSP International Awards of Excellence 2012

    Roman bath house indoor pool

    This remarkable Greek inspired indoor roman bath house facility has a blend of contemporary rectilinear components with Greek-Roman architectural elements and finishes. Features include the over-extending, ancient-style aqueduct that transitions from the spa into the pool, and the hand carved fire-water features at each end of the room.  The aqueduct is a key relevance to the style which portrays an ancient cultural method of elutriating stagnant bath water with a continuous supply of fresh water.  Each elaborately hand carved feature sets a mood of Greek architectural expression in this space.  The two fire-water features at each end of the pool and all of the column structural support depict a ‘Doric’ style consisting of channeled columns.  Also, to enhance this space with a full perspective of Greek-Roman style, the convex ceiling depicts a vision of an opened-ceiling that reveals a fully animated Greek-mythological star setting created by fiber optic lighting.  Geothermal technology is the primary source for heating and cooling the pool and spa.  Although they appear to be one body of water, they are independent so the spa can be maintained at 103degrees all year round.

    Here is what we brought home:

    Gold Medal

    Residential Concrete Pool – Residential Interior Pools

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