6 Minimalist Landscaping Tips For Your Yard

Minimalist landscapes are one of the top design trends in landscape design, and it’s easy to see why. Contemporary landscapes tend to require less maintenance. You can create a space that’s both inviting and artful. We’re all about building modern outdoor scapes that connect with the existing surrounding environments,  bringing warmth and life into the space. We sat down with one of our lead designers to learn some simple ways you can incorporate elements of modern, minimalist design into your existing landscapes. We’re sharing a few of our favorite past projects where we’ve incorporated minimalist design elements for inspiration as well!


  • Simplify your plant pallet by using mass plantings of the same species- this creates large swaths of color and texture that can interplay with each other, or surrounding walls and structures
  • Utilize vertical plants in linear fashion to define space and screen walls or buildings
  • Define space with linear decking pattern
  • Soften decking pattern and introduce more natural elements by using grass or river rock
  • Contemporary projects tend to be static with little movement – soft grasses create movement with wind
  • Limit height and mass of plantings along house foundation to give the structure prominence if desired

Have fun with your landscapes… When it comes to minimalism, remember- less is more. We’re always here to help you achieve your outdoor living and landscape goals. Give us a call! We’d love to chat about how we can turn your outdoor environment into an award-winning space for you and your family to enjoy year-round.