5 Reasons to Love a Small Backyard

Large estates and gardens can be stunning, and we all appreciate beautiful landscape design done on a large scale. However, when it comes to value, care and maintenance, and our community, large gardens and oversized lawns can have their drawbacks. Below are some benefits only small outdoor spaces can deliver. If you’re in the market for a new home or considering an outdoor construction project at your current home, here are the reasons we love designing a small garden!

Stretch your budget

Possibly the biggest benefit to small gardens is the ability to use higher quality materials and finishes that otherwise wouldn’t be budget friendly in a larger space. By nature, smaller spaces require less material and less labor to build and open a new realm of possibility when it comes to material choices and creativity. Large backyard often have the “forgotten fence line”, an area far along the back fence that remains undersigned because of budget restraints. This is less likely to be the case with your small space!

Easy maintenance

Let’s face it, many people struggle to find the time to properly care for their plant life and properly clean their outdoor spaces. And, if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, it can be expensive to hire the kind of high quality garden maintenance necessary to keep and outdoor space ‘party ready” at all times. Small gardens offer the ability to spend drastically less time tending to your plants and cleaning your patio. Also, this is great for beginning gardeners who are learning the do’s and don’ts of plant design and care. Earn your stripes on your small garden before tackling a larger space.

An extension of your indoor space

Often smaller outdoor spaces are surrounded by compact walls and/or fencing that creates nice boundaries defining your backyard as another “room” of your house. With careful design this concept can transform your experience by connecting your homes interior aesthetic with your outdoor space. Material finishes, lines, textures, colors can all be used strategically to blend the lines between indoors and outdoors.


Who doesn’t love a private space to retreat to from time to time? Small spaces can give you an intimate private retreat from your urban surroundings. Privacy from neighboring buildings, streets and sidewalks can be accomplished with a plethora of creative solutions. Masonry or wood walls, privacy hedges, overhead trees, raised container plants and trellises are all useful tools to create an intimate private setting in your small backyard.

Be part of your community

Small backyards force us to utilize our public parks and fields for playtime and sports that require more space. While having a whiffle ball tournament in your backyard is super cool, it doesn’t exactly encourage neighbors to get out and meet each other. Utilizing your local parks and fields for such games will allow you to meet neighbors you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and possibly make new friends who you can invite over to see your awesome small backyard!