Keeping Sustainability in Design

Everything comes in and out of trend; landscape design is no exception to this! Sustainability and low-maintenance design have been the trendiest pursuits for most businesses as of 2015. Sustainability is currently a hot topic in our industry and in everyday life, with ideas ranging from ways to catch solar energy, harvest rain water, or grow your own food. Many people hear sustainability and low maintenance and automatically assume the project potentially lacks character, however, that is not the case. There are many ways to become more sustainable, here are three steps you can take on your path to becoming more sustainable.

Permeable Surfaces

Using permeable surfaces such as grasscrete or pavers that allow water to penetrate through to the ground, unlike concrete, helps reduce sprinkler water consumption. This also limits the amount of stormwater runoff, which then reduces the amount of pollution that goes into the lakes and streams. Using pavers with grass or rock edging softens the look of your outdoor space while giving it some character as well.

Water Conservation

Sustainability can also be achieved with the smart use of water. During a typical Texas summer, There may be extended periods of time with little or no rainfall. During these dry periods, it’s critical to have a sprinkler system that is operating as efficiently as possible to ensure plant health and conserve water. New technology such as ET-based controllers and MP Rotator sprinkler heads can be helpful in achieving smart water use. ET ET-based controllers use an internet connection to communicate with online weather data and other site-specific information such as soil type and plant type to generate a custom watering schedule.

MP Rotating sprinkler heads reduce the amount of water loss due to evaporation by eliminating mist. The head creates larger droplets of water than traditional spray heads and thus reduces water consumption. Upgrading your old sprinkler system with this new technology will help you preserve water and keep your landscape looking beautiful year-round.